Saturday, 17 December 2011

Brony Invasion #3!

The next brony invasion of Exeter will be held on:
21st January, 2012

We will be meeting as usual at 11:30 outside Exeter Central station. Everyone is welcome to attend, as long as you like MLP! For more details, see the Facebook event page. See you there! :)

Exeter Brony Invasion #2 Writeup

Brony Invasion #2 was held in Exeter on the 26th November, 2011. We met at the station, bought foodstuffs in Tesco and then sat outside in a park, which was freezing but Applejack (yes, you're all getting referred to as whoever you dressed as :p) gave everyone a chocolate muffin! THANK YOU APPLEJACK! We then gradually infiltrated Boston Tea Party and sat around there for most of the afternoon drinking tea, playing games, drawing, looking at cool stuff online and discussing matters of great importance like which pokemon the ponies would use if they were pokemon trainers. While there, we randomly encountered Yamino and one of her friends who happened to be wearing a Fluttershy hat which was really unexpected and awesome!

I (um, Fluttershy) gave everyone free pony stickers, badges and phonecharms because I have far too much stuff with "minor flaws" from my etsy shop that I need to get rid of. I still have plenty of leftovers though for next time for anyone that wasn't there! Pinkie Pie trolled Luna all day (some drunk decided to join in and frighten her majesty later too o_o), Rainbow Dash wore a lot of hats, Twilight and Celestia held hands and stuff despite that Celestia hates shipping and we took photos of our winter-themed pony cosplay group outside of Exeter cathedral with Pinkie trying to time setting off party poppers with the camera - which he managed to succeed in a lot sooner than I anticipated. Then before I knew it, it was time to hug goodbye and catch the train back home to watch the new episode on Youtube. I had a great time at this meetup - looking forward to seeing everyone again in the new year! :D